I have been doing this for over a decade and really enjoy the process of working on something new. I started with my first camera in 1986, made the switch to digital in 1999, and since then have worked on many projects big and small as a freelancer and as the member of a real team.

My shooting style is quite fast, sizing-up and taking shots at different angles with minimal set-up, and I can generate a large number of diverse shots within a short time-period.

I deliver final shots, typically, witin a 48 hour period. Most times, if a project excites me enough, I`ll work on it immediately after the shoot or shot was taken. satisfying a very fast turnover for final products, not just proofs, of large orders of images for a client, or from a documented event.

Expect results, and to see proofs within 24 hours of the first camera click.

Contact me directly to obtain a free quote/estimate from me. All calls are returned within a 24 hour period depending upon whether I am in Canada or not at that moment.


Jona Stuart

Do email me for more recent examples of my work. (updated April 6, 2016)