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Hi, my name is Jona Stuart, a self-taught digital photographer, originally from the East Coast of Canada, now living on the West Coast of British Columbia.

I moved to the Vancouver Island without the intention of diving back into digital photography. Yet, after two years of not doing wedding photography, action photography, portraits, wildlife photography, pet photography, camera-for-hire, freelance or otherwise, I began to rethink my position within the arts.

After having unintentionally taken pictures all over Vancouver Island, including a lot where I currently live in Victoria, James bay and Ross bay being two particular regions I frequent. Days I do not bring the camera with me are infrequent, but I can always be sure of missing something if I leave the camera at home.

Really, digital photography, for me, has been a tremendous outlet for creation, for meditation, for seeing the world through the restriction of the frame, seeing the beauty in the beholder as much as in the world itself. British Columbia, as a region, is a great source for natural visuals, and Vancouver Island is practically an oasis just off the Coast of Mainland British Columbia. Victoria is just the tip of civilization here, and moving Northward, one sees a dissolve of the masses of humanity into something smaller and more distinct, yet distinctly of an Islander quality.

I am hopeful that I can resume my freelance work, covering weddings, animal courtship, wildlife migrations, headshots, and more. I really am amazing at capturing action with the basest of gear in tow. It would be phenomenal to see what I can do, as a freelance photographer, with some really good gear.