Welcome to the galleries page. I have created eight specific collections for you to browse through with an additional two specialized sections representing my current, fine-art projects. My recent work is the product of a decade's worth of personal development. Some projects were born for the joy of it, while others simply came into being accidentally after equipment failures drove me towards more inventive means of accomplishing the same task. There is a lot to see, so take your time, visit often, sit back, sip something hot or cold and enjoy!

Most of the images on this site are available for print or as high-resolution data. Contact me and ask for details and incude your image selection(s) and reqirements.

*Please note when browsing a gallery: clicking the topbar loads this page again.

Also I can be commisioned as an independent artist to create new works... at any time.
I am very happy to collaborate on projects new and assist on completing anything old.
I always look forward to creating something for a client.

"Thanks for visiting!" ~ Jona Stuart

Page Updated : October 26, 2017